Film title: THE BOLSHOI
TV Series: 4 episodes
Production year: 2018
Country of origin: Russia
Genre: Drama
Running time: 55 mins
Director’s name: Valery Todorovsky
Main cast: Alisa Freyndlich, Valentina Telichkina,  Aleksandr Domogarov,  Margarita Simonova, Anna Isaeva, Ekaterina Samuylina
Cinematography by: Sergey Mikhalchuk
Producer/s: Valery Todorovsky, Anton Zlatopolsky
Synopsis: A young, provincial girl who dreams of becoming a ballerina. Through a difficult and challenging journey, she achieves her goal. With talent, mastery, patience, and determination, she achieves the pinnacle of success in ballet, becoming a prima ballerina at the Bolshoi Theatre.

Film title: TINSEL’S TOWN
TV Series: 3 seasons (season 1: 12 episodes, season 2: 17 episodes, bonus season (in production)
Production year: 2017
Country of origin: United States
Genre: Comedy
Running time: 20 mins
Director’s name: Michael Lindsay-Hogg, David C Barry
Main cast: Aimee Lynn Chadwick, Kiva Lawrence-Hoy, Tracy Winters
Cinematography by: David Starks
Producer/s: David C Barry
Synopsis: Determined to conquer Hollywood the new-fashioned way – one subscriber at a time – beleaguered actress and know-it-all Tinsel Townsend goes live with her own internet channel, “Tinsel’s Town”, in a misguided bid for fame…or at least a little attention. But the know-it-all quickly suspects that she might not know as much about LA as she thought. And even less about herself.

Film title: RUSSIAN ROOM
TV Series: intended 8 episodes for 5 seasons
Production year: 2018
Country of origin: United States
Genre: Drama
Running time: 48 mins
Director’s name: Ante Novakovic
Main cast: Yanina Studilina, Gonzaloo Vargas, Nikolai Tsankov, Aleksandra Myrna, Kresh Novakovic, James Biberi
Cinematography by: Brendan Cochrane
Producer/s: Jen Emma Hertel
Synopsis: After escaping the USSR in the 80’s, a Russian Jewish family struggles to remain on the right side of the law and out of the crosshairs of local gangsters at their bathhouse in New York City. Set in two timelines, Russian Room parallels the story of the family’s battle with the newly minted Russian mob in 1988; and their struggle to save themselves from legal and financial ruin in 2018.

TV Series : # Episodes: Episode 1: “Mexico” (TV Pilot (Proof of Concept) Intended for 10 Episode). 
Production year: 2018
Country of origin: USA
Genre: Scripted Drama
Running time: 20 mins
Director’s name: Louis J Guerra
Main cast: Alex Jones, Johann Mikiael, Jim Thalman, A.J. Hierro, Iliana Guibert, Patrick Heraghty
Cinematography by: Guillermo Cameo
Producer/s: Joel Quinones, Michele De Maria, Producer Robert J Tierney
Synopsis:  An ICE agent from New York City is faced with the decision to follow the agenda of Homeland Security or to help a Foreign National, after he becomes involved with his neighbor’s story.

TV Series: 1 episode
Production year: 2018
Country of origin: United States
Genre: Comedy
Running time: 14.58 mins
Director’s name: Jack Kenny
Main cast:Jane Lynch, Kate Mulgrew, Braxton Molinaro
Cinematography by: Daniel Satinoff
Producer/s: Jack Kenny, Braxton Molinaro, Jonathan Sokolow, Gilana Lobel, Oliver Brooks
Synopsis: In an effort to mend old washed out bridges, Mitch invites his two bitter, complaining aunts for a visit to his fancy home in Hollywood. It doesn’t go well.

TV Series: 2 episodes, intended 3 seasons 6 episodes
Production year: 2017
Country of origin: United States
Genre: Comedy
Running time: 23.46 mins
Director’s name: Hollie Seidel
Main cast: Hollie Seidel, Scott Vicari, Chris Betz, Daniell Walsh, Martin Dockery, Heather Klar, Jonathan Horwitz
Cinematography by: Francis Andal
Producer/s: Hollie Seidel
Synopsis: Ophelia is happy on her own, but the people around her don’t believe that a woman can ever be truly content by herself.



TV Series: 4 episodes
Production year: 2017/18
Country of origin: United States
Genre: Comedy
Running time: 20.32 mins
Director’s name: Jamie Talamantez, Gates Bartz
Main cast: Jameson Blair, Vegas Turner, Lily Moore, Sophy Wickham, Grace Lowrance, Selah Snowden, Nathan Shelton, Leonard Bartz, Jared Hind
Cinematography by: Thomas Romainville
Producer/s: Gates Bartz, Jamie Talamantez
Synopsis: Together Nation is an engaging and entertaining TV pilot where kids and puppets teach adults life lessons about how to behave better.

TV Series: 5 episodes
Production year: 2017
Country of origin: United States
Genre: Comedy
Running time: 19.27 mins
Director’s name: John Eddins
Main cast: Alex Sturman, Darryl Danning, Trenyce Cobbins, Anaquade Cobe, Jensen Atwood, Monica Cooper
Cinematography by: Kalilah Robinson
Producer/s: John Eddins, Monica Cooper, Mike Roberston
Synopsis: A dark comedy, the ending is only the beginning as lovers reunite 12 days after one of them gets a whole new lease on life and love.

TV Series: 2 episodes
Production year: 2017/18
Country of origin: France
Genre: Thriller
Running time: 15.30 mins
Director’s name: Arnaud Husson
Main cast:Aurore Sellier, Hugues Leforestier, Nathalie Mann, Bernard Zenou
Cinematography by: Nicholas Thouvenot
Producer/s: Jacques Thouvenot, Gregory Jackson
Synopsis: Jodie has grown up at a center that performs research on dreams and trans-cognitive sciences. Since childhood, she has been endowed with a special gift: she can penetrate into the dreams of people asleep beside her. Surrounded by lies, betrayals and conspiracies, Jodie is drowning in an insidious and manipulative system that she is only now becoming aware of.

Film title: TOM & THE DOMME
TV Series: Pilot (proof of concept)
Production year: 2018
Country of origin: United States
Genre: Dark comedy, drama
Running time: 19.56 mins
Director’s name: Keith Marlin
Main cast: Murf Meyer, Neka Zang, Vanessa Baskin, Lori Burch
Cinematography by: Gabe Elder
Producer/s: Keith Marlin
Synopsis: A couple faced with the mounting pressures of happiness and fulfillment must navigate their relationship while at the crossroads of their individual desires. By examining their sexual and emotional compatibility, Tom & The Domme explores the blurred lines of intimacy while living under the microscope of New York City.

Film title: BLACK & WHITE
TV Series: 1 episode
Production year: 2017
Country of origin: United States
Genre: Comedy
Running time: 21.06 mins
Director’s name: Artie Brennan, Chris Sciacco
Main cast: Artie Brennan, Zene Coley
Cinematography by: Matt Serino
Producer/s: Artie Brennan, Chris Sciacco, Ronny Pascale, Timmy Brennan
Synopsis: Zen and Artie are Black & White, the world isn’t. This new show brings you a colorful perspective on what’s happening in America by two friends from different backgrounds. As you follow Artie and Zene during their everyday lives you will laugh and learn when you see their thoughts come alive in short sketches.

Film title: USELESS
TV Series: 1 episode
Production year: 2017/2018
Country of origin: Iceland
Genre: TV media
Running time: 50 mins
Director’s name: Rakel Gardarsdottir, Ágústa M. Olafsdottir
Main cast:Viktoria Hermannsdottir
Cinematography by: Rut Sigurdardottir
Producer/s: Rakel Gardarsdottir, Ágústa M. Olafsdottir
Synopsis: In this documentary, we follow a young Icelandic mother through a journey to find out why we waste so much food. The documentary is presented in a positive solution-focused manner.